[mad-user] 24- and 32-bit visuals

Rob Leslie rob@mars.org
Thu, 15 Mar 2001 01:19:15 -0500

John Stewart wrote:
>     When in_mad is set to output in 24 or 32 bits the
> vis displays in winamp are quite messy.  I'd assume
> this is because most winamp vis plugins expect 16
> bit data.


>     I think it could probably be fixed by writing
> 16 bit data to the vis routines while still writing 24
> or 32 bit data to the output.  I started to try it myself,
> but I do not currently have the proper tools to build
> mad.  I futzed with it a bit it looked like it would take
> more than a little work to make MAD friendly with

There are a few mad hackers out there who've made it work, but it's far easier
to use GCC.

>     So my questions are:
> 1. Do you(Rob) have the time or desire to try changing
> the vis output?

I have desire, but there are other things I'd rather work on first.

> 2. Is it currently possible to build in_mad on a windows box?
> If so which port of gcc do I need, and do you know
> where I can get it?

Yes, get Cygwin from:


Building is as easy as ./configure && make.

Also, you may want to join the developer mailing list (mad-dev).