[mad-user] wishlist

Rob Leslie rob@mars.org
Sun, 17 Dec 2000 11:13:47 -0500

"Gabriel Bouvigne" <bouvigne@mp3-tech.org> wished for:
> Output:
> Ability to set a permanent attenuation level. This attenuation would be done
> first, then the auto attenuation would be done after. This would allow to
> reduce clipping without the level changes caused by auto attenuation

Would it be enough to remember the attenuation setting after the song has been
completely decoded, and reuse it when the song is played again?

I am considering an option to set a permanent attenuation setting when auto
attenuation is disabled.

I haven't decided yet whether I want to implement a full-blown compressor.

> Decoding:
> Ability to enable/disable dithering

I could do this. There may in fact eventually be a choice of dithering

> Decoding:
> mpeg 2.5

This is coming, but I need to find a definitive specification first. Do you
know where to find one?

> Information:
> information about the encoder used to produce the file

If not in an ID3v2 tag frame, where is this to come from? ID3v2 support is
still on the list.

> Vbr header:
> use and do not decode it.

Yes, this is Nawhead's wish too.  :-)

> Visual information:
> Ability display M/D/S/MS/IS/IMS in the winamp area used to display the
> bitrate

Unfortunately I don't think this is possible, unless you don't mind viewing
the information as a number. This probably won't happen.

> Plugin info:
> reseting the info box on file change

I'm not sure what you mean?

> Decoding quality:
> an even better decoding quality due to post processing (oversampling)

A few people have mentioned oversampling to me, but I'm not yet convinced of
the benefit.

> Error correction:
> ability to correct the kind of errors present in the file I sent you, and
> use interpolation when a frame can't be decoded.

It may be possible to improve this.

> CPU usage:
> use only 0.00005% of the cpu

If you'd like to help hack on performance, the source code is available...
please jump in.  :-)

> mpeg 2:
> decoding of multichannel files (ok, we'll have to made an encoder first)

I'm torn over whether to implement this now or do AAC first.

> I'll stop here, otherwise it seems that I could give you work for the full
> next year.

Thanks for the consideration.  ;-)