[mad-dev] how to implement input buffer to execute mad

prafulla chandra prafulla.list at gmail.com
Sat Dec 3 08:27:42 PST 2005

Hi all,
i am working on  mad code to decode the mp3 .my requirement is instead of
giving the whole file as input to the mad decoder i have to give the
input of  8k every time .
what i understand from the code is it will ask for input when ever there is
insufficient data to decode the frame  that time it will refer input buffer
using the input callback.
        i am extracting frame by frame by using the same sync search
algorithm.now these extracted frame i am keeping in the 8k buffer at the
initial time .when ever it asks for data i am loading the next frame into
the buffer by deleating the first frame in the buffer and moving the
remaining data to that possition and appending the new frame at the last .
        now my doubt is how many frames i have to keep in the input buffer
and how i have to link this code in the original mad code means, how my code
has to communicate with the mad code ,where i have to do the changes to
achieve the same.and in how many approches this can be achieved .because
this is my idea only i dont know how to  do manupulations and where to do in
the code
whether  my approch is correct or not ,if not please tell how i have to
approch for this problem .
prafulla chandra.
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