[mad-dev] Porting to PocketPC

Tyler Montbriand tsm@accesscomm.ca
Thu, 19 Jun 2003 14:55:14 -0600

I've been attempting to port MAD to Windows CE running under ARM...  it's 
tricky going, so far.  I'm trying to convert the tons of macros that the 
FPM_ARM option uses to function calls, and having some limited success.

The biggest problem is that Embedded Visual C++, quite simply, does NOT 
support inline assembler.  Ever.  Despite what their own docs say.  Another 
problem is that the macros aren't documented well;  they don't explicitly 
state what kind of arguments they take or what they return.

Fortunately, EvC DOES support *external* assembly code; you can assemble an 
.asm file into an .obj file, turn it into a .lib then link it in with the 
rest of the C code.  Even more fortunately, EvC is capable of converting C 
code to assembly code.  This lets me write up a blank framework, compile it, 
and modify the resulting .asm file to do what I want.

So now I'm down to deciphering just exactly what each macro does to the 
arguments.  It looks like mad_f_mul(x,y) takes two mad_fixed_t arguments and 
returns a mad_fixed_t value, that's simple enough; but it's unclear how the 
others are using their arguments.

Are the macro parameters for MAD_F_MLX, MAD_F_MLA, MAD_F_MLN, and 
mad_f_scale64 used ONLY as input parameters?  'cause if not, there's no way 
in heck to duplicate the full functionality of the macro in a function 
without operator overloading and hidden pointers;  and MAD is a C project, 
not a C++ one.