[mad-dev] help for missing files !! Urgent !!

Rob Leslie mad-dev@lists.mars.org
Wed, 18 Jun 2003 00:10:57 -0700

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On Tuesday, June 17, 2003, at 10:12  PM, Bhumika wrote:
> We are trying to build the VLC code in WinCE. We are
> not able to bulid as some of the files are missing in
> MAD library. Following files are missing,
> 1. libmad.c
> 2. layer1.c
> 3. layer2.c
> 4. errno.h
> 5. math.c

None of these files have ever been part of MAD. I don't know where you 
got the idea they are missing.

The file errno.h is a system header, and should only be required on 
systems that have it; you can avoid it by undefining HAVE_ERRNO_H in 
your config.h.

> These 5 files are being used in VLC source code. We
> checked the source code available in FTP as well as in
> Mirror site. But we didnt fine these files there also.
> If we get these files it will be helpful for us to
> compile and build the source code.
> Please help us as it very urgent for us.

What is this VLC source code you refer to?

Rob Leslie