[mad-dev] TTY controls patch

Rob Leslie rob@mars.org
Thu, 12 Apr 2001 23:56:23 -0400

Hi folks,

Soon after releasing 0.13.0b I decided to hack on TTY controls for `madplay'.

The result is here:


Many thanks go to Matthew Green for his initial implementation of this,
although I've taken a slightly different approach.

I've not tested this thoroughly which is why I'm making it available as a
patch rather than making a new release. I'd appreciate feedback, especially
from anyone using the audio_sun module (Solaris and NetBSD, probably.)

TTY controls are enabled by default unless stdin is not a terminal or the -o
(--output) option is used. You can also enable/disable the controls
explicitly with --tty-control or --no-tty-control.

The TTY control keys are:

    p  pause
    s  stop (return to beginning of current file)
    f  forward (skip to next file)
    b  backward (*)
    q  quit
    i  information (non-verbose modes only)

(*) if pressed within the first 4 seconds of a playing file, skip to the
    previous file; otherwise replay the current file from the beginning