[hfs-user] Using Mac LC III from floppy

Zarko Zivanov zzarko at gmail.com
Thu May 3 04:17:10 PDT 2012

I acquired Mac LC III with faulty SCSI HD. As I cannot find a
replacement for now, and my Mac has 36MB of RAM, I tried to make a
System floppy with RamDisk+, so that I could boot from RAM, and use
floppy for loading other programs. On the net I found
ramdisk324a.sit.bin. I have Ubuntu 11.10 on my PC machine, and a
working floppy disc. I deleted some network support files from Network
Install 7.5 and tried to copy ramdisk324a.sit.bin to floppy disc, but
I got the error:
hcopy: "./ramdisk324a.sit.bin": unknown, unsupported, or corrupt
MacBinary file (Invalid argument)
After that, I tried -r option, and the file was copied, but I was
unable to run it on Mac, as it wasnt executable or something (Mac
displayed that there is no program to open this file).
I tried same thing with SuperBoot7.5 image, but with same results.

This is the first time that I'm using anything Macintosh-related and I
guess that I didn't do something obvious. How can I make a file
executable in Mac environment? I have read about data and resource
parts of a file on HFS, but I found only sea.bin file for RamDisk.
Could someone point me in right direction?

Best regards,

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