[hfs-user] Sector size in the Driver Descriptor

netromeo netromeo2001 at yahoo.co.in
Mon Nov 21 00:20:22 PST 2005

   I had created a Hybrid CD containing both ISO and HFS filesystem descriptors.
  In that design i used the sector size as 2048 only as CDROM specific.
  I think it only creates wastage of size for small files and limits the density
   of the filesystem to have a maximum no. of entries (file names).
  So in my desing the cluster size was multiple of 2048!
   Hope it helps,
Pierre Duhem <pierre at duhem.com> wrote:

Till now, all disk descriptors (in sector 0) I had seen for magnetical
disks and CD-ROMs began with
45 52 02 00,
that is the physical sector size was always 0x0200 (512d) even on
On the other hand, I had seen 0x0400 on magneto-optical disks.

Yesterday, I cam across a CD-ROM burnt on a Mac Mini with the
integrated burning tool and, to my surprise, I got 08 00 in positions
2 and 3 above.

Any comments?

Pierre Duhem
duhem at macdisk.com


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