[hfs-user] Invalid Index Link with fsck_hfs

Patrick Dirks pwd@apple.com
Wed, 22 Sep 2004 14:50:13 -0700

It's hard to say from this dump alone.  This node should have no 
subsequent nodes at its level and its immediate predecessor should be 
node 0x0590.  You should look in the root node to see that (a) this is, 
in fact, the rightmost record below the root and that (b) the node just 
before it is 0x0590.  You should also check node 0x0590 and make sure 
its forward link (after converting to decimal) is this node, 2011.

Hope that helps,

On Sep 22, 2004, at 6:47 AM, Pierre Duhem wrote:

> Patrick,
> PD> No, it's not complaining about the 4th entry in node 389; it's 
> saying
> PD> the node link field of node 389 of file id 4 (the catalog B*-tree),
> PD> i.e. the root is bad.  Presumably the links (forward and backwards)
> PD> should be 0, unless you have an expanded root bitmap, in which 
> case a
> PD> separate map node would've been added and linked in?
> I had the time to redo my tests and I'm not wiser.
> I get the error :
> Invalid index link
> 4, 2011
> This should mean that the catalog (4) is somehow corrupted in node
> 2011. I'm attaching a dump of this node. This is a node at level 4
> (the root is one level higher, at level 5). This is the last of 4
> nodes, which seem to be correctly linked.
> If I copy all 6000 files to the Macintosh hard disk, the copy works
> fine and the content of the files is also correct (files are named
> according to their content to simplify the job, that is file0000.txt
> contains 1024 * '0000', etc.).
> Thank you for your comments.
> -- 
> Best Regards
> Pierre Duhem
> Logiciels & Services Duhem, Paris (France)
> duhem@macdisk.com
> <2011.jpg>