[hfs-user] Invalid Index Link with fsck_hfs

Pierre Duhem Pierre Duhem <pierre@duhem.com>
Thu, 16 Sep 2004 18:38:57 +0200


Still struggling with some B-tree managing code.

On some medium (HFS, 60 MB, USB key), I get following error :

Invalid index link
(4, 389)

389 is the root (4th level) of this medium containing about 2000 very
small files (1024 bytes, just for the fun of testing).

The weird thing about this is that the link of the 4th entry of this
root node seems correct, to the 3rd level of the tree. I even checked
whether counting begins at 0 or 1...

fsck_hfs tells that it can't correct the error because the volume is
mounted with writing. I unmount the volume, run the utility again and
get a clean result.

Now, checking the dump I did before and the one I did after that, I
only have some little changes (date/time of the volume, data/time of
.DS_Store, contents of DS_Store, probably to reflect the folder I
created), but noting in the node 389 or even in the rest of the
catalog (beside the date/time of .DS_Store).

Any clue?

Bien  vous
Pierre Duhem