[hfs-user] HFS+ Inconsistent Creation Dates

Pierre Duhem Pierre Duhem <lsduhem@duhem.com>
Fri, 7 May 2004 13:43:24 +0200


Norton v. 8, when checking some of my volumes, complains about dates.
For instance :
The files have creation dates that are inconsistent or outside the
expected range.

Dates are computed that way:
- use of unix (C lib) time/filetime functions to get the number of
seconds from January the 1st, 1970,
- add the number of seconds from January 1st, 1904
- add the timezone + summertime (-7200 seconds currently for
Paris/Madrid) to get the UTC/GMT time.

Following the HFS+ spec, I don't add the timezone + summertime for the
volume dates.

That way, I have correct dates. PC files copied to a Macintosh volume
appear with a correct date on a Mac, and so on.

I don't understand what Norton's error message could mean.

Any clue?

Best Regards
Pierre Duhem
Logiciels & Services Duhem, Paris (France)