[hfs-user] Map nodes linked list

Patrick Dirks pwd@apple.com
Thu, 29 Apr 2004 09:52:44 -0700

On Apr 29, 2004, at 7:25 AM, Pierre Duhem wrote:

> Hello,
> I didn't like very much the code I had to check for an overflow of the
> binary table used in the Extents and Catalog B-trees for the node
> allocation.
> Therefore, I had the idea to build this list when formatting

Of course, even THAT could eventually still overflow...

> I followed the specs and built a simply linked list from the tree
> header. All nodes are empty, with only the downward pointer,

What do you mean by this?  IIRC correctly, the map nodes are linked 
back and forth via the usual forward/backward link fields in the node 
header?  Of course, for the definitive word look to Mark's recently 
updated tech note!

>  the 2 as
> node kind, a 1 since there is a single entry and the two offsets at
> the end, 00 0E for the binary table and 01 FC (in the case of a HFS
> node) pointing to itself.
> But Mac OS X doesn't seem to like my idea, refuses to mount even an
> empty volume, as soon as there is a map node linked list.

Have you tried running fsck_hfs from a command-line shell with the "-d" 
option (along with -f if necessary - see 'man fsck_hfs') to see what it 
> Who should build this list? Is it against the rule to build an empty
> node list?

It's unusual but I believe this would be no different than how a volume 
would look if the B*-Tree had been grown a lot and then the nodes freed 
up, right?  It'd still have a map node linked to the header but the 
bitmap field would be empty, so I'd think it SHOULD be OK.  I bet 
there's some other field tripping you up.

Hope that helps,
-Pat Dirks.
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