[hfs-user] Catalog File Size (HFS+)

Pierre Duhem Pierre Duhem <lsduhem@duhem.com>
Fri, 23 Apr 2004 15:36:52 +0200

Hi everybody,

Is there a recommendation by Apple concerning the size of the Catalog
File (and of the Extents Overflow File), depending on the size of the
physical drive?

For instance, I get following values when formatting with the Disk
Utility under Mac OS X.2:
Vol     Ext*Node Size         Cat*Node size
100MB   191*4096              191*4096
40GB    1586*4096             4864*8192
250GB   2048*4096             8704*8192

Which threshold would be reasonnable to switch to 8192-byte nodes?

Is it reasonnable to think that, for the time being, 8192 is the
biggest node size to be used?

Best Regards
Pierre Duhem
Logiciels & Services Duhem, Paris (France)