[hfs-user] Last mounted version in HFS+

Pierre Duhem Pierre Duhem <lsduhem@duhem.com>
Thu, 26 Sep 2002 14:29:12 +0200


MD> Mac OS X puts a different signature there than does Mac OS 8/9.  And if
MD> we ever make any significant changes in the part of the code that 
MD> handles the on-disk structures, we will probably use yet another 
MD> signature.  Older versions of Disk Doctor complained about the Mac OS X 
MD> signature, but current versions don't seem to.

On my older 6100, under 8.1, I get "8.10". On my new eMac under OS X, I get
"10.0". I still have to upgrade it to Jaguar and will see what gives.

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Pierre Duhem
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