Re[2]: [hfs-user] Last mounted version in HFS+

Pierre Duhem Pierre Duhem <>
Fri, 20 Sep 2002 14:42:59 +0200


SB> At a guess I'd say Norton is picking up on exactly that point. Yes
SB> its great you've used a unique identifier, no Norton doesn't know
SB> anything about it, so doesn't no how to react. What should an
SB> arbretary piece of software do about a file system wuth an unknown
SB> unique identifier?

Since the spec is so clear, I thought that the author of Norton Disk
Doctor would have accepted any value in this slot.


SB> In short, if you really have to, change the value to something
SB> that works quietly.

The problem is that many users check their media with Norton and whine
when it barks. I remember many problems with the bundle bit and with
the modification date.

Thanks for your answer.

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