[hfs-user] Last mounted version in HFS+

Pierre Duhem Pierre Duhem <lsduhem@duhem.com>
Fri, 20 Sep 2002 11:40:16 +0200


I'm new to this list and searched the archive about the last mounted
version in the HFS+ Volume Header Block. The spec says that external
apps creating or modifying HFS+ volumes should use a creator code in
this slot.

Mark Day answered, in a message from april :
>> myVolHeader.lastMountedVersion=kHFSPlusMountVersion; //
>> implementation version which last mounted volume
>You should pick some other constant unique to your implementation.  That
>way, if a bug is found in your implementation, other implementations can
>check this version to correct for the bug.

When I pass my volume through Norton, I get an error on this precise

Who should I believe?

Best Regards
Pierre Duhem
Logiciels & Services Duhem, Paris (France)