[hfs-user] Writing to the Desktop Database

Entwicklung entwicklung@whengenibk.de
Mon, 24 Jun 2002 17:31:05 +0200

        I am working on a project where I am required to create a
Desktop Database.

        I have more then 100 files of the same type for which I would
like to display the custom icon. I would like to know whether it is
possible to display the the custom icon for a file by putting the
relevant information in the Desktop Database. How can I set the creator,
type, kind and icon data for the custom icon files by writing into the
Is there a flag called "hasDTDB" present and is it system defined. If
so, where and how do we set it?

        I am coding in the "Windows platform" so I would not be able to
user Mac routines. I am using a Mac to test whether my files are
displaying the proper icons later.

        I would be thankful for any inputs in this regard.

Thank you,