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Biswaroop(External) Biswaroop\(External\)" <biswaroopb@integramicro.com
Tue, 14 May 2002 14:48:45 +0530

Hi everybody,

 I  want some help in finding a approximate value of the extents file.
 Let me describe it...
 I  HAVE the following information

-->>   Total no. of directories present in the volume

-->>  Total no. of files with their full path and size in bytes.

-->> The total amount of  space needed for the data of those files.

Problem faced ::  Till  now I used  to find the total volume size first
since i knew the size of each file. And then as in the Linux implementation
they keep 1/128 th part of  the Volume size as the size of the Catalog File
The problem was when I used to select some directories for eg. DDK
folder whose total size is around 58 MB and has around 4300 files
in 300 directories. The Catalog file size decided upon the volume
size would fill before all the entries were made and hence I would be
left wtih an incomplete filesystem.I  manipulated with different fiqures for
Catalog file size but it was more a hit and trial method.I know that Catalog
 has information of the whole directory structure of the volume in a B* tree
 I also know at any given timeshot the B* tree will be around 2/3 rds full.

                           I now know the size of the Catalog File depends
actually on the no. of  File and Directory entries rather than the full
Volume size.
                           So, can anybody give me a simple formula ( may be
a good approximation)  in trying to find out the Catalog File size needed
for a given volume when I have the information as mentioned above.
                           Such that  the file size may be bigger than
actually needed but not exceedingly big. In other words is there any way to
find out the size from no. of Directory entries and file

            Waitng for help .


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