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Entwicklung entwicklung@whengenibk.de
Tue, 7 May 2002 16:10:41 +0200


1) What do I do if I want to store up my own customized icon for the ReadMe
file ?
2) Is this possible at all from another platform like Windows? (using the
resource fork of the file to dump my bitmap of the icon perhaps?)
3) Somebody said I would have to necessarily include sth. in the DTDB/DF
files which I've copied into my Wrapper from a freshly initialized
HFS-Volume on the Mac ? Is this true ? Can one even do without it ?

Where could I find relevant info about using Resource forks ? This has
really been a vague topic to me until now. My head is spinning with Bundle
bits and Finder flags right now...

Please do help.

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> Hi,
> It's probably pretty simple for testing purposes to remove the pointers to
> "wrapped" HFS+ volume; the resulting disk image should then be just
> HFS disk and you can use all the usual disk verification tools directly on
> to see if there are any inconsistencies found.  If all is well and you can
> double-click your "ReadMe" and see what you expect you can be reasonably
> confident that a user on a non-HFS+-savvy system would see exactly that,
> Good luck,
> -Pat Dirks.
> On Friday, May 3, 2002, at 01:44 AM, Entwicklung wrote:
> > Hello Listers,
> >                       Thanks to the friendly feedback I got I managed to
> started off with including an HFS-Wrapper in my code. It seems to work ok
> but I'm not too sure... I only have access to an iMac with MacOS 9 - my
> Volume gets displayed but how do I get to verify if the ReadMe I'm
creating in
> the Wrapper is ok ? The volume is recognized as an HFS+ Volume (since the
> embedded volume seems to be getting mounted directly) and I can do a
> on it. Do I necessarily need an older Mac which doesn't support HFS+ to
get to
> see the ReadMe ?
> >
> > I have one more question - Is it possible to have a Wrapper for
> as well  - embedding an HFS-volume within another HFS-Volume ? I guess
> wouldn't have any benefits as such but theoretically it should be
> right ?
> >
> > -Nandini
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