[hfs-user] Unwrapped HFS+ volumes

Gordon Beatty gbeatty@cpc.gc.ca
Mon, 6 May 2002 15:33:16 -0400

Hi all,

	Since people have asked questions about wrapped HFS+ volumes, I was
reminded of a question I'd been meaning to ask.  In general, by default,
HFS+ volumes are created with the HFS wrapper for compatibility and are
coded in the Partition Map with a type of 'Apple_HFS'.  However, the
potential exists for HFS+ volumes to exist on their own without the wrapper
(especially where OS X is concerned -- or so I am led to believe).

	My question is simply, would such an unwrapped volume be coded in the
Partition Map with the same type (Apple_HFS) or is there a type that exists
specifically for this case?

	Gord Beatty