[hfs-user] Wrapper and Readme

Entwicklung entwicklung@whengenibk.de
Fri, 3 May 2002 17:55:11 +0200

I just tried it - and it works...  Thanks for the tip!

Btw. Mark had written sth about Disk First Aid and the alternate volume
header - one problem I've been having right from the start is that Disk
First Aid is unable to read my CD and Norton Disk Doctor detects 'major
problems' on my CD. It seems as though this is due to the runout-blocks
being  appended to the end of my image i.e. after the sector in which the
alternate volume header is present. This doesn't really disturb me too much
since the Mac mounts my CD's and reads them without a problem but I'd like
to know if there's sth I can do to overcome this.


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> Hi,
> It's probably pretty simple for testing purposes to remove the pointers to
> "wrapped" HFS+ volume; the resulting disk image should then be just
> HFS disk and you can use all the usual disk verification tools directly on
> to see if there are any inconsistencies found.  If all is well and you can
> double-click your "ReadMe" and see what you expect you can be reasonably
> confident that a user on a non-HFS+-savvy system would see exactly that,
> Good luck,
> -Pat Dirks.
> On Friday, May 3, 2002, at 01:44 AM, Entwicklung wrote:
> > Hello Listers,
> >                       Thanks to the friendly feedback I got I managed to
> started off with including an HFS-Wrapper in my code. It seems to work ok
> but I'm not too sure... I only have access to an iMac with MacOS 9 - my
> Volume gets displayed but how do I get to verify if the ReadMe I'm
creating in
> the Wrapper is ok ? The volume is recognized as an HFS+ Volume (since the
> embedded volume seems to be getting mounted directly) and I can do a
> on it. Do I necessarily need an older Mac which doesn't support HFS+ to
get to
> see the ReadMe ?
> >
> > I have one more question - Is it possible to have a Wrapper for
> as well  - embedding an HFS-volume within another HFS-Volume ? I guess
> wouldn't have any benefits as such but theoretically it should be
> right ?
> >
> > -Nandini
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