[hfs-user] Text Files in a Hybrid CD

Biswaroop(External) Biswaroop\(External\)" <biswaroopb@integramicro.com
Thu, 2 May 2002 18:36:19 +0530

hi Everybody,

Well when I dump text files into a HFS volume and
 mount it in a Mac OS9.2 and view them they show
 some junk character for newline . I mean in Windows
newline is CRLF i.e. 2 characters. In Mac CR corresponds to newline and it
works also but the first
character in the next line starts with a junk.
Secondly if i mount the same volume in Mac OSx
 there is no problem and it shows the data properly.
 Why?? Since the same application is used to view
  the files namely SimpleText.

 Secondly what is the solution for this problem if
 i mount a Hybrid Volume??
 Since the data is only dumped once for the two filesystems and different
views are only shown namely
 HFS and ISO9660.
Moreover if we view a ISO data CD and open
 text files then there is no problem for the newline
 Any Explanations??
Waiting for them.

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