[hfs-user] Problem of Allocation Block Size

Biswaroop(External) Biswaroop\(External\)" <biswaroopb@integramicro.com
Tue, 30 Apr 2002 16:30:40 +0530


When I create a volume of bigger size for eg. 640 MB

  Now since allocation units is fixed at 65536.
  Bytes per allocation unit becomes
   640 * 2 ^20 / 65536 = 10 * 2^10 (10K) (approx)
  That means if i give even one allocation block 
  for each file i am physically giving him 10k space
  even though file may be some 100 bytes which
  results in space wastage.
  I  also believe there is no solution because each
  file should have atleast one allocation block
  and each file should start from a new allocation
  block .
  I am just wondering if I am right???
  Or there is some alternative!!
  Waitng for ur comments.

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