[hfs-user] MacOS9.2 and MAC OS X

Patrick Dirks pwd@apple.com
Sun, 28 Apr 2002 15:25:36 -0700

I have no idea.  As far as I know there's nothing in Mac OS 9 that looks 
at the content of a file to see if perhaps it's a text file.  Of course 
it's possible different versions of SimpleText don't contain any check, 
or that the check is just a change in what was selected for display in 
StandardFile.  Clearly something's different between your system and 


On Saturday, April 27, 2002, at 10:59 PM, Entwicklung wrote:

> That's surprising - coz even in Mac OS 9 I haven't had any problems with
> Simpletext documents. As long as a '.txt' extension is there it wasn't
> necessary to set filetype and creator - but this seemed to work
> only for text-files.. for .pdf for example I had to explicitly set 
> filetype
> and creator.
> How is it it works fine for me on Mac OS 9 (for text files i.e.) and 
> doesn't
> work for Biswaroop on Mac OS 9.2 ?
> Regards,
> Nandini
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>> Hi,
>> Sounds like you're not setting the Finder information for the files; 
>> Mac
>> OS 9 uses the Finder Type and creator to find an application to open 
>> the
>> file.  Looks like SimpleText also looks at the file and checks to see
>> whether the type is "TEXT".
>> Mac OS X recognizes file extensions in addition to the Finder
>> information (and its TextEdit app obviously doesn't check the Finder
>> Type in the Finder Info) so it has no problem just gong straight at the
>> data.
>> If you want to verify your data structures, I bet "BBEdit" will read it
>> without regard for the Finder info.
>> Hope that helps,
>> -Patrick.
>> On Friday, April 26, 2002, at 07:44 AM, Biswaroop(External) wrote:
>>> Hi Everybody,
>>>  I have enquired a very queer problem.
>>>   What I did...
>>> 1.  Created a Volume File and inserted some
>>>      Text documents in that volume.
>>> 2.  I then wrote that Volume Image file on to a CD
>>>     using a mastering application which just dumps the
>>>     image on to the disc.
>>> 3. Took the CD and mounted it in Mac OS 9.2
>>>     The files were displayed but when I clicked it
>>>     for opening it I got a Error Mssg saying
>>>    "Simple Text" cannot open this Kind of File.
>>> 4. Next I mounted it in Mac OS X the new OS from
>>>     Mac.
>>>     Amazing enough It showed all the files and the
>>>     data correctly.
>>>   Inference:
>>>    The data is written correctly on to the Cd and it
>>>    is being recognized by Mac (MAC OS X).
>>>    Both the OS show the files properly and recognize
>>>    it as HFS formatted volume.
>>>   Point to note..
>>>    Since the text files were copied from a Windows volume in Binary
>>> mode no
>>> CRLF conversions were
>>> done.
>>>  But in Mac OS X it didnot show any wrong display
>>>   and everything was fine.
>>>  Thirdly when I wrote other types of files in the volume
>>>  eg. *.htm, *.pdf
>>>  They were shown in both the Mac OS's(9.2 and X)
>>>   but again the Text files couldnot be opened only in
>>>   Mac OS 9.2
>>>   Fourthly,
>>>   when I mount the Volume File created by my application
>>>   using a freeware"HFVExplorer" I can view all the
>>>   files and data (i.e. Text files are getting opened and
>>>   displayed).
>>>   From all the above experiments
>>>   I think my code is not the Culprit!!
>>>   And only "Text Files" are not getting opened.
>>>   Then where is the BUG??
>>>   Any ideas!
>>>   have a nice weekend.
>>>   Bye
>>>   Biswaroop
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