[hfs-user] Re: Hidden files

Alex Vallens Vallens@Colorado.EDU
Sun, 28 Apr 2002 09:31:07 -0600

Entwicklung wrote:

> How does one get to see hidden files/ change the attributes on Mac OS 9 ?
> Someone had written that this is possible using Apple's ResEdit but I thought
> that was just for editing icons and the like. Can one get to see hidden
> system-files at all ?

Yes, absolutely.

> What else is ResEdit used for normally - is this relevant to external
> HFS-readonly volumes ?

ResEdit was created by Apple to allow Mac developers to customize the resource forks
of the apps they created. Since the creation of the Mac in 1984, the Mac OS (up to
X) has used the resource fork to specify things such as file and creator types,
visibility, read/write permissions (lock mechanism), icons, creation and
modification dates, etc. Every file has one, at least to a certain extent.

There is no use editing resource forks of files on a read-only disk, because,
obviously, the changes made cannot be saved.