[hfs-user] MacOS9.2 and MAC OS X

Biswaroop(External) Biswaroop\(External\)" <biswaroopb@integramicro.com
Fri, 26 Apr 2002 20:14:47 +0530

Hi Everybody,

 I have enquired a very queer problem.
  What I did...
1.  Created a Volume File and inserted some
     Text documents in that volume.
2.  I then wrote that Volume Image file on to a CD
    using a mastering application which just dumps the
    image on to the disc.
3. Took the CD and mounted it in Mac OS 9.2
    The files were displayed but when I clicked it
    for opening it I got a Error Mssg saying
   "Simple Text" cannot open this Kind of File.
4. Next I mounted it in Mac OS X the new OS from
    Amazing enough It showed all the files and the
    data correctly.
   The data is written correctly on to the Cd and it
   is being recognized by Mac (MAC OS X).
   Both the OS show the files properly and recognize
   it as HFS formatted volume.

  Point to note..
   Since the text files were copied from a Windows volume in Binary mode no
CRLF conversions were
 But in Mac OS X it didnot show any wrong display
  and everything was fine.

 Thirdly when I wrote other types of files in the volume
 eg. *.htm, *.pdf
 They were shown in both the Mac OS's(9.2 and X)
  but again the Text files couldnot be opened only in
  Mac OS 9.2

  when I mount the Volume File created by my application
  using a freeware"HFVExplorer" I can view all the
  files and data (i.e. Text files are getting opened and
  From all the above experiments
  I think my code is not the Culprit!!
  And only "Text Files" are not getting opened.
  Then where is the BUG??
  Any ideas!
  have a nice weekend.

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