[hfs-user] To make a Readonly HFS Volume

Biswaroop(External) Biswaroop\(External\)" <biswaroopb@integramicro.com
Fri, 26 Apr 2002 16:47:54 +0530

Hi ,

I want to make a HFS volume readonly.
I am setting the flag in mdb.drAtrb to

mdb.drAtrb | = 0x4000 ( As said in Inside Macintosh)

Bit    Meaning
15      Set  if th volume is Locked by Software.

After creating a Image of such a Volume.
 I am mounting it with a FreeWare application in Windows which can mount HFS
 But , I can still add files to that volume through this
  software and delete them too.
  That shows the volume is not Locked.
  So, anything else I should do to Volume parameters
  to make that Volume represent a ReadOnly one??

  Waiting for ur Inputs.


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