[hfs-user] Re: pdf files on Mac-OS 9

Entwicklung entwicklung@whengenibk.de
Sat, 20 Apr 2002 22:45:22 +0200

        My problem is solved now ... I realised it had to have something to
do with the folder threads - i.e. that the thread records didn't maintain
correct references to the folders.... was quite a silly error actually
.... the nodename[0] field which holds the length of the nodename (in the
folder and its thread didn't correspond to each other due to a small bug in
my program) ... so though the file and the icon got displayed correctly and
the data could be accessed, acrobat apparently tries relocating its way
down the tree starting from root.

One surprising thing I noticed is that I didn't have this problem for jpg
files - probably the graphics application which is launched on Mac OS
functions slightly differently as compared to Acrobat.....
dunno in what way although...good news is it works now anyway !

Nandini Hengen

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> At 1:23 PM +0200 4/19/02, Entwicklung wrote:
> >What could this be due to ? Could this be some problem with the
> >format or does it rather have to do with Acrobat Reader for Mac OS?
> This is not a Darwin issue, but it's probably that the HFS file type
> is not set to and therefor the file can't be opened by Acrobat
> because it isn't recognized as a PDF file.
> When you copy the file, PC File Exchange treats it as a Non-Mac file
> (because the type isn't set) and applies a type/creator based on the
> file's extension which allows the copy to be opened by Acrobat -- it
> probably doesn't matter where you copy.
> (Note that the creator is not important, but most pre-X Mac
> applications will not open a file with an incorrect type --
> extensions have no significance pre-X)
> -Steve
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