[hfs-user] Restrictions on root/index nodes ???

Entwicklung entwicklung@whengenibk.de
Wed, 27 Mar 2002 11:22:44 +0100


> If the keys are out of order, or index nodes are pointing to the wrong
> nodes, you are more likely to get some kind of "not found" error.  The
> "Read/Write error" and "Wrong logical location" suggest that some number
> (such as a node number in an index node) is out of range.  Another
> possibility is that the extent information or end-of-file for the B-tree
> is wrong (probably too few allocation blocks), so the node numbers refer
> to offsets beyond what the File Manager things is the end of the B-tree.

I finally found out what the error was due to. Thanks for the explanation
regarding the sequence of events - I didn't know that Mac iterates thru' the
leaf nodes at the start. The problem was with the index nodes present in the
final sectors which had got currupted while recording onto a disk. Since the
Mac didn't complain about the absence of an alternate MDB and I used a local
image for verification I didn't quite understand what was happening.... now
that the final sectors have been 'set right' the index nodes are also read
correctly and all the files can be opened.

I've been following up threads on other lists as well. I would just like to
convey to the list that I think that Apple is doing a great job out here.
Everyone has rules which have to be stuck to though rules can never be in
the interests of everybody and may not be always fair in everyone's eyes. I
just want to mention that the Apple employees don't have to reply to every
email they get but the fact that some of them do find the time to do so has
to be appreciated. I'd probably be totally lost but for the tips I get from
them once in a while. Thanks !

Nandini Hengen