[hfs-user] Re: Mapping of...

Simon Bazley sibaz@eyeeye.com
Wed, 20 Mar 2002 17:41:44 +0000

As I understand it the mac looking at your CD will check the application tag of
a file against the applications is has installed, and if appropriate, get an
icon and display it.  If there is no application data, it assumes its a dos file
and tries to work thigns out by extension (if modern os's).  The Resource file
can contain icon information, but I think this is only for applications.
I would definately suggest you look at the etc/AppleVolumes.system file and
start from there.  Try that before anything else.  It worked in my office
without me having to do anything.


Entwicklung wrote:

> Hi,
>       Thanks for responding!
> > Thirdly,  every filetype available on a PC is availiable on a mac, as
> > long as a compatible application is avaliable (so include all M$
> > applications and adobe applications, and any other company thats any
> > good).  The finder uses a long (4 bytes) to store the application type.
> > There are therefore at least 64*64*64*64 possible applications that use
> > normal ascii for that.  Have a look at netatalk for a list of some
> > avaliable (the etc/AppleVolumes.system file contains a list).  On my
> > system there are about 250 extension to Finder Tag conversions, but what
> > most people do is run a netatalk application to regenerate that file,
> > based on what a particular system has used.  Remember the Finder Tag
> > referes to the Application that made it, not the file type, so things
> > like .wav .jpg .gif may have several different tags, one for each
> > application that can create them.  You need to pick the one that your
> > system uses.
> What I'm trying to achieve is to set the filetype and creator fields on my
> external HFS-volume so that the correct icon appears on my Mac. I noticed
> that say for a .jpg or for a .txt even if these fields contain 0 this
> assignment  is automatically done by Mac-OS when an external volume is
> mounted but for a .pdf or a .cpp file for eg. the generic icon appears. Once
> I set some default filetype and creator for a .pdf file the correct icon
> does appear.
> So what I need actually is not a one-to-many mapping (of all possible
> applications which deal with a particular kind of file) but some default
> one-to-one mapping of standard applications used to open a particular file -
> say MSWD for .doc files and so on.
> I am not familiar with netatalk at all. Sorry if this is a newbie question
> but how exactly do I proceed ?
> Regards,
> Nandini