[hfs-user] Mapping of filename-extensions

Simon Bazley sibaz@sibaz.com
Wed, 20 Mar 2002 12:14:27 +0000

I refer you to the mail I sent you on 08/03/02 15:22 entitled Re:
[hfs-user] Mkhybrid application and HFS image, Paragraph 3, where I
answered this question.


Entwicklung wrote:

> Hello everybody,                     I'm looking for some kind of
> exhaustive list which maps filename extensions onto creator and
> filetype for MacOS ...say files with extension ".pdf" could be mapped
> on to a default filetype "PDF " and default creator "CARO" (4-byte
> values). I could get hold of these mappings using a freeware tool and
> a bit of reverse-engineering but I'd rather stick to a standard
> mapping if anything like that is available. Somebody had told me I
> could retrieve this info from a Sytem-file on my iMac but I was unable
> to open this file and view its contents.Would be grateful to anyone
> who knows something about this and can help me out. Regards,Nandini
> Hengen