[hfs-user] (no subject)

Mark Day mday@apple.com
Fri, 15 Mar 2002 09:40:05 -0800

On Friday, March 15, 2002, at 02:41  AM, Biswaroop Banerjee wrote:

> vol.mdb.drXTClpSiz = vol.mdb.drNmAlBlks / 128 * vol.mdb.drAlBlkSiz;

That is making it 1/128 of the total volume size.

That is basically what Mac OS 9 uses, though Mac OS 9 also tries to 
limit the size to 4MB (which means that for volumes over 512 MB, the 
clump size will be 4 MB rounded up to a multiple of the allocation block 

> Can i make it equal to just clump size calculated for the Volume??

Depends on your volume's clump size.

For the extents B-tree in particular, you want to avoid making the clump 
size too small.  The extents B-tree can't grow beyond 3 extents for HFS 
(8 extents for HFS Plus), so if the clump size is too small, and files 
(including the B-trees!) get too fragmented, you may be unable allocate 
space to files because the extents B-tree is too fragmented.  
Essentially, you'd get a "disk full" condition even when there is lots 
of free space on the volume.

When mastering read-only media, I'd set the clump size to one allocation 
block.  And since you should be able to lay out the fork content 
contiguously, you can also make both of the B-trees the minimum possible 
size (meaning an extents B-tree with just a header node).