[hfs-user] Curious about the current interest in HFS ...

Matt Gradwohl mattgr@yahoo.com
Sun, 24 Feb 2002 18:38:53 -0800

I'm the Microsoft guy.

I joined this list before I started at MSFT, while I was in college. I was
working on some Linux stuff and I was going to try to write a Windows app to
read Mac disks. Then work took over, and I never got it done, but I'm still

I work on Xbox, so the stuff I see here won't really help me, but it's still

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> Yep, I seem to get replies from Microsoft, but I had one reply that seemed
useful.  I guess someone has cleverly subscribed them to the list.
> My interest in HFS (and infact Macs) has come about after having to
support an office full of them, and wherase over the last 5 years, I've
become to love Linux, and find it quite capable of supporting networks of
Windows PC's, there doesn't seem the same
> level of support of Macs.
> Since Apple has made the step towards POSIX, I think that should change.
I can happily take a Windows PC's HardDisk, stick it in my Linux box and fix
pretty much anything with tools I can find, wheras for Macs, I can't even
read anything after OS 8.
> Also I work on Netatalk, so I looked into some of the well documented Mac
specs, and believe core to implementing a nice fluffy AFP server, you need a
CatalogFile.  Hence the HFS connection.
> Simon

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