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I'm a student working part-time on a filesystems project and was just 
an outline of the project requirements to start off. I enrolled myself 
part of the student-dev and darwin-development mailing lists but the 
discussed there are not really relevant to my requirements... besides I 
up getting more than a 100 mails from these which I can't really use

I'm glad that people have slowly started responding on this list and 
that a
healthy discussion of issues seems to have begun.... as compared to the
other apple mailing-lists I had begun to assume that this list was 
much in hibernation :)

> May be my assumption is a bit naive, but especially for writing CDs 
> Macs on non-Mac platforms, creating a Rock Ridge/Joliet CD is much 
> than an HFS or HFS hybrid CD ...

I'm not too sure but do older Macs support Roc Ridge/Joliet too? I'm 
there aren't too many people using older Macs but maybe this has to to 
with making things easier for them (?)

> P.S. does anyone else that posts to this list get a reply from
> "<abuse@microsoft.com>" ...

Aargh!...don't tell me they're mailing you too!....I don't intend to 
Microsoft (by no means!) but their mails always begin with a 'Thank you 
contacting Microsoft...." ...maybe they don't know they're part of this 
? Besides if they're offering constructive suggestions we should be 
from 'support' not 'abuse'  I think. I wrote to them about this once and
doesn't seem to have made any difference.