[hfs-user] Embedded volume..

Mark Day mday@apple.com
Fri, 22 Feb 2002 10:16:23 -0800

On Friday, February 22, 2002, at 09:29  AM, Entwicklung wrote:

> Going by the above  statements could I conclude that if I want to 
> create a
> non-bootable volume (a HFS/HFS+ CD-ROM to be specific) I don't need to
> consider using an embedded volume at all?

That's reasonable.

> And if I do have a wrapper on a HFS+ volume and insert it into an older 
> Mac,
> it would anyway not be readable though it doesn't get erased, right ?

You wouldn't be able to access the files in the embedded volume.  The 
volume would at least show up on the desktop (instead of producing an 
error dialog).  And if the wrapper has a "read me" file, the user at 
least has a clue about why they can't access the files.