[hfs-user] HYBRID CD -Information please

Biswaroop Banerjee biswaroopban@yahoo.co.in
Wed, 9 Jan 2002 20:51:57 +0530

Dear Sir,
   I am writing a part of a Development Priject regarding a
Cd/DVD writer software. I am
in the HFS and Hybrid part of it.
My goal is to take the files
 selected by the end user and
 put them into a CD/DVD in Hybrid
 format or in true HFS format.
 Can you please tell me anything
 related to that. It will be very
 Waiting for your reply.
 Thanks and Regards
  Biswaroop banerjee
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> >  This is my first interaction with u all.
> >  I am need of a litlle guidance. I have been assigned
> >  to work for a Hybrid CD.
> >  It should work on Windows.
> >  I have seen Ahead Nero software( a cd writer software).
> >  It has an option for HYBRID CD. But on selecting that
> >  option , the user has to select a MAC partition first.
> >  This partition is burned on to the CD as it is.
> >  But I will have to write the software taking files from
> >  Windows partitions only and write them to the CD
> >  in the AppleHFS format .
> >  Can anybody of you please help me by giving an insight
> >  to how to start about it???
> >  Thanking you all, and waitng for a helping mail.
> Not sure why you should want to write your own CD mastering application -
> there are a small number of packages available that can already do this:
> MacImage (http://www.macdisk.com)
> CDEveryWhere (http://www.cdeverywhere.com/)
> mkisofs - part of the cdrtools package
> ne/employees/joerg.schilling/private/cdrecord.html)
> I know very little about MacImage and CDEveryWhere
> mkisofs is a Unix command line application - that can be compiled on
> Windows - as it's a GPL'ed application, you get the source code - which
> may help you.
> James Pearson