[hfs-user] HYBRID CD -Information please

James Pearson jcpearso@ps.ucl.ac.uk
Wed, 09 Jan 2002 13:39:28 +0000

>  This is my first interaction with u all.
>  I am need of a litlle guidance. I have been assigned
>  to work for a Hybrid CD.
>  It should work on Windows.
>  I have seen Ahead Nero software( a cd writer software).
>  It has an option for HYBRID CD. But on selecting that
>  option , the user has to select a MAC partition first.
>  This partition is burned on to the CD as it is.
>  But I will have to write the software taking files from
>  Windows partitions only and write them to the CD
>  in the AppleHFS format .
>  Can anybody of you please help me by giving an insight
>  to how to start about it???
>  Thanking you all, and waitng for a helping mail.

Not sure why you should want to write your own CD mastering application -
there are a small number of packages available that can already do this:

MacImage (http://www.macdisk.com)

CDEveryWhere (http://www.cdeverywhere.com/)

mkisofs - part of the cdrtools package (http://www.fokus.gmd.de/research/cc/glo

I know very little about MacImage and CDEveryWhere

mkisofs is a Unix command line application - that can be compiled on
Windows - as it's a GPL'ed application, you get the source code - which
may help you.

James Pearson