powermac 7200 hdd

Povl H. Pedersen hfs-interest@ccs.neu.edu
Thu, 10 Aug 2000 09:05:16 +0200

>I'm sure your local mac expert tried this... but just in case, try 
>zapping PRAM.
>I have had a Mac which wouldn't boot of CD, disk, whatever... turned 
>out the PRAM
>was corrupt... If I recall correctly, that was just after hot-swapping a CD-R.

And there is also the small push-button on the PCB that is even 
better to zap PRAM than the key combo. It is somehwere in the back 
middle 1/9 of the PCB, and is red or black.

Front  -  X marks approx area where to look for it if I remember right.

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