mkhybrid code question

Hilke, William R
Tue, 30 Nov 1999 12:42:15 -0800

in the current release of mkhybrid, is it true the code already pulls all
the info from
a CAP resource file? i.e fdLocation in the FileInfo struct... meaning that
mkhybrid already stores this information into memory.. and looking at the
struct, shouldn't adding something like
hfs_ent->fdlocation.v = info.fdLocation[0]; in the get_cap_info function at
least set the
correct v variable in that function to the correct number which is stored
for the vertical cords in the resource fork?....
this of course presumes that the libhfs that comes with mkhybrid has been
modified enough
to get/store that part of the hfsdirent struct..

 -any help would be thankful..