problems with mkhybrid and the HFS filesystem... anyone have any ideas?

Hilke, William R
Tue, 30 Nov 1999 08:52:17 -0800

yeah i figured that out last night when looking at the source, i'm in the
proccess of fixing mkhybrid to use the latest libhfs

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Subject: Re: problems with mkhybrid and the HFS filesystem... anyone
have any ideas? 

>I'm currently working on a method of changing Folder's Screen coordinates
>within the Linux HFS filesystem.  I am use the latest libhfs.a library and
>am using "hfs_stat" and
>"hfs_setattr" to get and set the file attributes... i have it set to work
>off ":" which is the root directory if I am not mistaken? I also have tried
>this on a Directory within there too.... changing
>from 0 to 64 and bottom/right from 0 to 164
>I then regrab the file attributes, and it show's that is has been
>the problem comes in when I use the mkhybrid program to make a iso of just
>that hfs partion.. using
>mkhybrid -o hfs.iso -hfs --caps /hfs
>I then ftp that image file to a Mac running OS7.6.1 running Adaptec Toast
>and mount the image and it doesn't appear to have changed anything at all.
>then go back
>and use dd if=hfs.iso of=/dev/hda6 just to check it... and then load my
>and it shows that ent.u.dir.rect.* are all set back to 0's.....
>any clue why this my be happening?

mkhybrid uses an old version of libhfs that doesn't support the directory
location in struct hfsdirent.

Also, this information may be available for CAP directories, but it's not
available for some of the other Apple/Unix file encodings mkhybrid
supports - including ordinary Unix directories.

James Pearson