problems with mkhybrid and the HFS filesystem... anyone have any ideas?

Hilke, William R
Mon, 29 Nov 1999 17:53:45 -0800

I'm currently working on a method of changing Folder's Screen coordinates
within the Linux HFS filesystem.  I am use the latest libhfs.a library and
am using "hfs_stat" and
"hfs_setattr" to get and set the file attributes... i have it set to work
off ":" which is the root directory if I am not mistaken? I also have tried
this on a Directory within there too.... changing
from 0 to 64 and bottom/right from 0 to 164
I then regrab the file attributes, and it show's that is has been changed...
the problem comes in when I use the mkhybrid program to make a iso of just
that hfs partion.. using
mkhybrid -o hfs.iso -hfs --caps /hfs
I then ftp that image file to a Mac running OS7.6.1 running Adaptec Toast
and mount the image and it doesn't appear to have changed anything at all. I
then go back
and use dd if=hfs.iso of=/dev/hda6 just to check it... and then load my test
and it shows that ent.u.dir.rect.* are all set back to 0's.....
any clue why this my be happening?