Problems with mounting CD ROM w/hfsutils?

Rob Leslie
Fri, 11 Dec 1998 20:59:32 -0500


> I tried to mount an HFS cd-rom (burned with Adaptec's Toast a couple of
> months ago) and got:
> [root@rockhopper /root]# hmount /dev/cdrom /mnt
> /dev/cdrom: contains 1 HFS partition
> hmount: /dev/cdrom: not a Macintosh HFS volume (Invalid argument)

`hmount' doesn't mount an HFS volume over a directory tree in the traditional
mount(8) sense. The second argument is interpreted as an integer, so "/mnt" is
effectively rendered as 0. This causes hfsutils to ignore the partition
structure on the CD-ROM, making the volume in the partition inaccessible.

To remedy: leave off the last argument, or pass `1' instead.

(The man pages are hopefully clear about this usage.)


Robert Leslie