Linux 2.0 and Zip drives?
Wed, 26 Aug 1998 10:28:19 -0400

In article <> you write:
>I actually forgot to ask another question.  One of the people that responded to
>me said that the partition table won't be recognized, but yet you still should
>be able to mount it successfully.  I was just wondering why this is?

This is because the normal (non-Mac) Linux kernels don't know about Mac partition
tables, but the hfs driver does.

BTW does anyone know of any patch that will make the kernel not un-recognize a
scsi device if I put a Mac disk in there? If a Mac disk is in a Syquest drive,
say, when the kernel boots, the kernel thinks that the device does not exist
because it can't recognize the partition table, which is really annoying, esp.
given the fact that it won't do this if there's simply no disk in the drive.

>Perhaps this is solved in the development kernels?

IIRC it is.