Blessed Folder

Pat Dirks
Tue, 25 Aug 1998 09:54:34 -0700


>I'm using vMac ( What often happens, is that people can't bless 
>System Folder, is there any way to force the a specific folder to be blessed 
>outside the MacOS.

Well, I'm not sure what problems you might be having blessing a system 
folder: if you've successfully un-blessed any existing system folder (by 
moving the Finder into some subfolder, for instance) just opening the 
intended new system folder should take care of the blessing.

I don't know what means you have at your disposal "from outside the 
MacOS" but the Blessed Folder is recorded by a DirectoryID stored in the 
first longword of the volume's Finder Info, which is 92 (decimal, 5C hex) 
bytes into the volume's master directory block (block 2, third 512-byte 
block on the disk).  You could always write the DirectoryID of your 
favorite folder there...

Hope that helps,
-Pat Dirks.