hfsutils-3.1 released

Rob Leslie hfs-interest@ccs.neu.edu
Tue, 11 Nov 1997 20:43:03 -0500


I am pleased to announce the availability of a new line of `hfsutils'


    Beginning with this release, the version number of the release gives an
    indication of the expected quality-of-release.

    Releases are numbered X.Y[.Z] where X is the major version, Y is the
    minor version, and Z is a patch-release version.

    Even-numbered Y numbers represent "stable" releases. Odd-numbered Y
    numbers represent "development" releases.

    Development releases may not be as well-tested as the stable ones,
    although they may contain many more features and improvements. Once a
    development tree has been tested enough to be believed to be stable, a
    new stable release will be made to reflect this.

Version 3.1 of hfsutils is now available here:


A number of improvements have been made over version 2.0, including:

  * A new internal block cache; multiple consecutive volume blocks are read
    and written with fewer system calls, and are cached for efficiency. The
    result is an enormous performance boost on many platforms.

  * Three bug fixes:
      - the alternate MDB was sometimes written to the wrong location on
        non-partitioned media;
      - the Extents Overflow file could become corrupted under some
        circumstances in which a heavily fragmented file is removed; and
      - it was possible for the volume allocation routine to become caught
        in an infinite loop.

  * Character set translation (MacOS Standard Roman <=> ISO8859-1 [Latin-1])
    now occurs when copying text files, in addition to end-of-line

  * Several libhfs API changes:
      - hfs_create() now returns an open file reference like hfs_open();
      - hfs_format() accepts a list of bad blocks which are to be spared;
      - hfs_mount() and hfs_format() now require the given partition number
        to exist, or allow 0 to specify the entire medium; and
      - new routines hfs_zero(), hfs_mkpart(), hfs_nparts() allow new
        partition maps and HFS partitions to be created and counted;

  * Entire package is now configured via a GNU `configure' script. Details
    for the new, simplified installation procedure can be found in the
    distributed `README' file.

  * Many other minor improvements.

A number of people have asked recently about the potential for HFS+ support
(aka Sequoia or Extended Format) in this package. The answer is yes, I have
already begun to implement support for HFS+ volumes. This will become
available in a stable release beginning with version 4.0.

I have reason to believe it may be technically possible to convert standard
HFS volumes into HFS+ volumes without the need to reformat; if so, I plan to
include a utility to do this as well.

In the meantime, I should note that I currently have very limited access to
real HFS+ machines for testing -- and therefore any contributions (in the form
of time or hardware :-)  are extremely welcome.

I would appreciate your feedback on this software. You may send me email
directly, or give feedback on the hfsutils web page:



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