Unix utilities to create Mac compatible CDROMs

James Pearson hfs-interest@ccs.neu.edu
Wed, 07 May 1997 10:03:39 +0100

I've created/modified two utilities to pre-master a Mac compatible CDROM
from a Unix directory tree that can then be written to a CD-R using
"cdwrite" (or any other CD mastering package).

The first routine, "mkhfs" generates an HFS CDROM (partition tables and
volume) by recursively copying Unix files to corresponding Mac folders.
The routine recognises files stored in the "Aufs" format (Apple-Unix
Filesystem, part of the CAP package) and both the data and resource
forks are copied along with any relevant finder information. If the
files are not in Aufs format, then the TYPE and CREATOR can be set
based on the Unix filename extension. This routine uses "libhfs.a", part
of Robert Leslie's "hfsutils" package.

The second routine, is a modified version of "mkisofs" that adds Apple's
extensions to a ISO9660 filesystem. Again, it recognises Aufs format files
and copies both the data and resource forks plus any relevant finder
information, and can also set the TYPE and CREATOR in the way described above.

I'm developing these routines as we have a regular need for delivering
data suitable for direct use on a Mac - both utilities are still "under
development", but they seem to work OK. However, both have their own
advantages/disadvantages ...

If you are interested, then you can get both of them from:


I suggest you read the files README.mkhfs and README.mkisofs first.

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