mounting Mac Syquest cartridge on Linux

Ambrose Li
Tue, 6 May 1997 19:17:53 GMT

In article <>,
Andras Kadinger  <> wrote:
>> I am using Linux 2.0.30, aha152x SCSI driver and hfs 0.95.
>You do not state, whether You use hfsutils (which currently is at least
>at version 2.0),
>or hfs-fs (which has got its version 0.8.4 announced a just couple of
>weeks ago) [or did I miss
>any new announcements?].

It was hfs-fs 0.95, one version after version 0.8.4.

I'll grab a Mac Syquest from home tomorrow and try once more (with
both hfs tools); the cartridge that I talked about is now with
a colleague in another department.

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