hfs_fs snapshot released

C. L. McAvaney hfs-interest@ccs.neu.edu
Thu, 10 Apr 1997 16:48:04 +1000

    Date:       Wed, 9 Apr 1997 23:11:49 -0700 (PDT)
    From:       "Paul H. Hargrove" <hargrove@sccm.Stanford.EDU>


I have been having problems since the 0.8.x series with "unresolved symbols in
side the module" (or whatever the error message is) when I do a depmod -a to 
finish the installation!

Have you had a similar problem??
It was working fine up until the new 0.8.x versions.


  > Some people are still having compilation problems with hfs_fs 0.8.3,
  > especially Mklinux users and users of newer kernel releases.  The HFS
  > for Linux Page <http://www-sccm.Stanford.EDU/~hargrove/HFS/> now has a
  > 09Apr97 development snapshot available.  It should fix the compilation
  > problems as well as being more robust when encountering corrupt
  > volumes.
  > If a few people could try it out (especially anyone who has had
  > compilation problems with 0.8.x for x >= 2) I'd appreciate hearing
  > about your success or failure.
  > If the snapshot release fixes all the compilation problems and no bugs
  > are reported in 0.8.3 then I'll release it as 0.8.4 in a few days.

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