Mount options

Paul H. Hargrove
Sun, 9 Mar 1997 12:17:37 -0800 (PST)

dave writes:
> I think I have the problem narrorwed down.  I have studied the docs, and
> can't find an option to simply replace the / character with another
> character.

Try the names=trivial (or just names=t) mount option.  This will map
the slash to a colon, with no other changes to the names.

I'm not sure how the nwe server is expecting to deal with Mac forked
files, but you might want to try playing with the fork=XXX mount
option.  In all cases the data fork is presented as the "normal" file.
Under the default the scheme used by CAP's aufs is used, it which the
resource fork is under the directory .resource and the finder's
metadata (type, creator, icon location, etc.) is stored in a file
under the directory .finderinfo.  As a non-standard extension, the
metadata for the root directory is stored in the file .rootinfo.

If you try fork=double or fork=netatalk then the resource fork and
metadata get put together in a file called an "AppleDouble header"
file.  The format differs slightly between the two schemes, as does
the location.  In the fork=double case, the header file is stored in
the same directory as the data fork, but with a '%' prepended to the
name.  In the fork=netatalk case the header file is stored under the
directory .AppleDouble, with each directory's metadata in a file
.AppleDouble/.Parent, relative to itself.

All three choices for fork=XXX have a different default name
translation scheme, none of which is the "trivial" map.  So, if that
is the cause of your problem, then you will want to stick with the
names=trivial option.

If your netware emulator is try to do something special with Mac
forked files and it is not one of the three schemes listed above, then
you are out of luck for now.  Though, if you could send me docs on
what it is expecting, it might be included eventually.
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