Unknown CDROM format

mike tesch hfs-interest@ccs.neu.edu
Tue, 4 Mar 1997 13:37:54 -0600

>Hi all.  I have a Mac CD that I'm trying to read, so I successfully
>inserted the hfs.o module into my 2.0.26 kernel.
>Despite my being able to read the CDROM (PageMaker), its still says
>unknown cdrom format.
>Also, I'm using mars_nwe, the netware emulator, and I cannot see this disc
>from a Win95 machine.
>Any ideas on what I can do?
>Dave Wreski

my guess is that linux still doesnt recognise apple partition maps.  i do
not know if the hfs_fs package/module adds this functionality.  i know that
there is code for linux to recognise these partition maps, and i think
there are people trying to get it put into the standard linux trees (is
this right, Paul H.?); if you want to add it to your kernel, you can
probably graft it from the linux-pmac project.

i'm fairly sure this is why its not working for you, i may be wrong, if i
am, i'm sure someone will say something.